A Private Visit with Santa

Do you want to avoid the long lines, crazy retail stores and have Santa visit you at your own home?

Santa can make an appearance at your home, privately for you and your close family. This makes for a truly memorable visit with Santa. Home visits typically last around 45 minutes depending on the number of guests you have.

Santa will arrive to your home and sing Christmas Carols, take photos with everyone, tell stories about the reindeer, elves and more. Then he will hand out gifts (provided by host) before heading back to the North Pole.

Home Visits are more relaxed and magical as you and your family get to visit with Santa Claus in the privacy of your home. This allows you and your family to spend more time with Santa and take more memorable photos than you could during a visit to a retail store.

Christmas Carols, Stories and More

Santa Roger will help make your visit with Santa Claus special by singing Christmas Carols reading a few stories and much more.

Santa Roger has many books that he can read with your family. How about listening Santa read The Polar Express or How To Catch An Elf? Of course, everyone’s favorite Twas’ The Night Before Christmas, however have you heard it told from Santa’s point of view instead of Pa’s?

Christmas Carols, Stories and More

Many kids and adults love to hear about what happens at the North Pole. Santa Roger loves to explain and tell stories about his and the elves adventures at the North Pole. With a little Christmas Magic, Santa will make your visits memorable for years to come.

Priceless Photos

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Santa Roger loves getting photos with everyone. Make sure you get photos with everyone, and unique fun photos too!

Here are some ideas:

  • The whole family (mom, dad, kids)
  • Just the kids! (Goofy face fun photos too!)
  • All the grandkids (Video Call loved ones who aren’t there!)
  • Just the parents
  • Sleeping Babies are fine with Santa Roger!
  • Santa’s Entrance (have a camera on Santa AND the kids)
  • Santa’s Exit